Technical Assistance

Access to Contracts

Provide procurement assistance to help minority-owned manufacturing industry firms do business with the federal, state, and local governments as well as private corporations 

Access to Capital

Identification and introduction to financial institutions and resources to support business growth and export goals

Business Match-Making

Identify and introduce MBEs to potential international trade partners with common business interests and complementary technologies, services, or business strengths

Business Development - Domestic and Global

Services include assistance with strategic business planning, identification of new markets, facilitation of transactions, logistics support, marketing and branding, and more.

Michael Lopez Headshot (1)

Michael Lopez

Genius Innovation Group

​“Working with the MBDA has dramatically increased the exposure and validity of my COVID-19 response business pivot. The opportunities that were presented by the MBDA allowed me to attain new NAICS Codes to add under my business profile, working with the MBDA and the showcase has increased my traction and visibility which is has added to the queue of PR and marketing efforts organically. ​

​Without the assistance of Cassie, Frank, Mariana and others the past 4 months wouldn't have been as momentous. I have been in appreciation for the dedication and hard work from the MBDA team, and I look forward to seeing more businesses take the chance and make the time to work with the MBDA.”​

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