Sacramento MBDA Business Center

Access to Contracts

Provide procurement assistance to help MBE firms do business with the federal, state, and local governments as well as private corporations.

Access to Capital

Identification and introduction to financial institutions and resources to support business growth and export goals.

Business Match-Making

Identify and introduce MBEs to potential domestic and international trade partners with common business interests and complementary products, services, or business strengths.

Business Development - Domestic and Global

Services include assistance with strategic business planning, identification of new markets, facilitation of transactions, operational and logistics support, marketing and branding, HR and more.

MBDA Electrify California

The California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Minority Business Development Agency
(MBDA) is introducing a no-cost program targeted toward socially and economically disadvantaged individual (SEDI) entrepreneurs that will connect small and emerging businesses statewide to training, technical assistance, and networking opportunities in low-carbon growth industries.

Industry Focus:

  • EV and alternative fuel technologies markets.
  • Climate-aligned transportation projects including highway and transit.
  • Low carbon economy markets such as renewables, energy storage, carbon removal, agriculture and food processing.

Curriculum for Emerging and Established Businesses

  • Introduction to low-carbon economy markets.
  • Understanding technical requirements.
  • Marketing and sales.
  • Access to capital, business financing, and more.

For more information about Electrify CA, please visit:

For questions about this program, please contact:

MBDA Rural Development Project

The MBDA Rural Development Project services minority business enterprises (MBEs) within the following counties: Alpine, Amador, Calaveras and San Joaquin. These services are provided at no cost to you.

The MBDA Rural Development Project, through its network of partners and subject-matter experts, will rural assist MBEs by:


  • Connecting rural MBEs with financial resources and services.
  • Securing public and private contracts.
  • Offering training to improve digital literacy skills.
  • Enabling and growing e-commerce, online sales, and customer service.
  • Facilitating entrepreneurship, new business starts, business scaling and job creating in high-demand sectors.
  • Assisting rural MBEs with climate adaption and resiliency.
  • Encouraging development of local education pathways for rural MBE employment.
  • Documenting and seeking improvement in rural broadband accessibility and adoption.
  • Providing training, business advisory services and referrals.

The MBDA Rural Development Project continues to work in support of building stronger communities and economies through small business successes. For questions about this program, or if you are an MBE in one of the above-referenced county interested in receiving support and training, please contact Sherri Reusche at:

Contracting and Procurement Opportunities

The Sacramento MBDA Business Center is actively assisting Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) in a variety of ways including the creation and editing of capability statements, connecting businesses to Department Procurement staff, matchmaking with Primes, and other technical assistance needs including certification, bonding, and operational capital needs. These services are provided at no cost to you. MBEs interested in receiving support and training are invited to complete our Client Interest form. 

It’s a particularly exciting time to get involved in public sector procurement opportunities, as there are many opportunities coming down the pike with the Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Bill and new sectors gaining momentum including Electrification and Clean Energy. If you are an established business at the start of your public sector procurement process or actively bidding on solicitations, we are here to help you make valuable connections to public sector and primes, as well as assuring you are solicitation-ready.


The Sacramento MBDA Business Center, through its network of partners and subject-matter experts, will assist MBEs by:

  • Identifying and vetting clean energy contract opportunities, including infrastructure-related opportunities and EV charging station infrastructure development.

  • Providing technical assistance on certification and capability statements.

  • Supporting MBEs to secure bonding and capital associated with the identified contracting needs.

  • Facilitating teaming arrangements and partnering of MBEs as needed.

  • Facilitating transaction and business-matchmaking with government or private sector procurement offices awarding infrastructure projects.

  • Providing training, business advisory services and referrals.

As an additional benefit, participating businesses will have the opportunity to register in Diversity Procure, a robust online matching tool connecting minority business enterprises directly to federal, state, and private contracting opportunities.

The Sacramento MBDA Business Center continues to work in support of building stronger communities and economies through small business successes. Any questions related to this program can be directed to

Business Testimonials


AnhViet (Charlie) Nguyen

ChalkWild, LLC

Like any small business, we struggle with marketing, financing, how to get our message or story across... Lucie-Anne Radimsky, a consultant of Sacramento MBDA, has been tremendously helpful. We were able to get certified as California Small Business Enterprise and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. Lucie-Anne also introduced us to the California Office of Small Business Advocate. Learning about ChalkWild and how it started, CalOSBA designed a new program called The Future Is Now to feature and to promote young entrepreneurs. CalOSBA produced a video about Hien, ChalkWild, and the positive impacts the backpack program has on kids.

Flawless Boxing 4

Janelle Gonzales

Flawless Boxing & Gym

We were inspired to start our business because we see the benefits and positive impact that boxing has on both adults and youth. We have always had challenges with funding, resources and partnering with other organizations. Working with the MBDA has been helpful in providing partnership, support and resources to our business and mission. Partnerships, support and resources that have helped to elevate our business.


Pa Vang

Pa Vang Insurance Agency

The positive results stemming from my business's relationship with the Sacramento MBDA Business Center have been transformative. From strategic business development, expanded networks, and access to training, these outcomes have not only boosted the growth and profitability of the Pa Vang Insurance Agency but have also positioned it for long-term success in a competitive industry. I am immensely grateful for the ongoing support and guidance provided by the center, which continues to contribute to the positive trajectory of my business.


Mabell Garcia Paine

Viridis Consulting, LLC.

Sacramento MBDA Business Center has been a fantastic resource! Consistency has been key. Through working with the Sacramento MBDA Business Center, it has helped my business. I have regular meetings with my advisor, and she has taken the time to get to know my company, its strengths and weaknesses and she even looks out for procurement and partnership opportunities. I feel supported and in turn, it motivates me to take advantage of that momentum and keep advancing.

Michael Lopez Headshot (1)

Michael Lopez

Genius Innovation Group

Working with the MBDA has dramatically increased the exposure and validity of my COVID-19 response business pivot. The opportunities that were presented by the MBDA allowed me to attain new NAICS Codes to add under my business profile, working with the MBDA and the showcase has increased my traction and visibility which is has added to the queue of PR and marketing efforts organically. ​

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