For those operating as independent contractors, consultants, and sole proprietors, understanding the qualifications and procedure for the Paycheck Protection Program(PPP) loan–a program intended to helps mall businesses impacted by COVID-19 with their operating costs–can be an uncertain experience, in an already uncertain pandemic. This was the case with Leslie Scott Consulting, a transportation planning consultancy with expertise in public outreach and engagement.

For nearly 20 years as the principal consultant, Leslie Scott has specialized in transportation planning. Scott specializes in using principals of transportation planning, with an emphasis in consensus building, to develop transportation projects that truly connect people to places while focusing on sustainable transportation modes such as shuttles, bicycles, walking, carpools, and parking to improve mobility and air quality in urban areas. Scott’s situation was set apart from the majority of small businesses in that they are the sole proprietor and sought clarity about qualifications for the PPP and Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) process under said status.

However, through the support and services of the staff with the MBDA Cares Act at the CalAsian Chamber of Commerce, Leslie Scott Consulting received both an outline of PPP and EIDL Loan Application options, and a consultation with a live person to discuss the types of loan institutions that were options, such as a bank or online lending companies. This type of support is what organizations like the CAPCC are trained and resourced to do when clients or small businesses are faced with navigating nuanced processes in the midst of a pandemic. Leslie Scott Consulting was awarded the PPP loan and is an example of a successful client experience aided by the CalAsian Chamber of Commerce.

“Success! I submitted my PPP loan application and the funds have been deposited in my bank. It’s all thanks to the help of the CalAsian Chamber of Commerce staff, who guided me through the PPP loan process. Their personal touch, by telephone, made all the difference in my decision to apply for the PPP loan.”

Leslie Scott, Owner and Principal Consultant Leslie Scott Consulting Caltrans Certified DBE

For more information or to receive subject matter support for your business, please visit the MBDA Business Center Cares Act Program website at

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