ADB Webinar Healthcare


Sacramento MBDA Export Center/California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce teamed up with the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (Go-Biz), Asian Development Bank (ADB), and U.S. Commercial Service to present California businesses a live webinar series to learn about Asian Development Bank (ADB) programs and resources that will help businesses to bid and win global contracts across various industries.

Chubby's Diner

Client Highlight: Chubby’s diner

The restaurant business in particular was an industry hit the hardest. However, some have demonstrated business resiliency through the current state of the world. In these times, even minor wins can be the determining factor in a restaurant’s ability to keep the doors open and business running. In this month’s highlight, we celebrate such a business: a family-owned, Chubby’s Diner managed by two parents and their daughter.

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