The Sacramento MBDA Export Center began day 2 of the Virtual Global Trade Show with a Supplier Diversity Roundtable Discussion that invited buyer and supplier participants to share their experiences and to discuss the challenges and opportunities around supplier diversity within the current business landscape. The discussion was moderated by Cecil Plummer, President and CEO of the Western Regional Minority Supplier Development Council (WRMSDC) – one of the 23 regional affiliates of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). The roundtable featured panelist, Wenli Yu, CEO of Archimedes Controls Corp, and panelist Michael Lopez, Founder of Genius Innovation Group, LLC.

Archimedes Controls Corp. is an IoT (Internet of Things) solutions company, that designs, manufactures, and ships various security sensors and cloud software. Products are built in Silicon Valley. Current offering includes an image-based, human face temperature monitoring system to help fight COVID-19. This device can be used at a receptionist desks, at the entrance of doors, and/or upon entering public transportation to measure face temperatures of employees or patrons.

Genius Innovation Group, LLC is an innovative product and service offering company. The most common products include N95 masks, and face shields. However, the company is soon to premier the first of its kind, airborne sterilizer that kills viruses and bacteria upon contact through a unique combination of an additive gas, fluorescent bulb, and a precise emission of a UVC light range that kills bacteria and viruses.

Highlights and Resources

  • Like many businesses has been impacted. Yet, in many ways, it is more efficient and time is saved using Zoom calls as opposed to getting through a commute.
  • Some of the things Archimedes Controls Corp has done differently is looked for the area where there is more opportunity, innovation. Changes were centered around sustainability – sustainability long after COVID-19.
  • Reach out to organizations like an MBDA, or an export center, because other areas around the world were not hit as bad as the U.S.
  • Leverage your relationships. Reach out to the people who got your back; mentors, investors, fellow business owners.
  • Engage with a council or local chamber of commerce
  • Western Regional Minority Supplier Development Council LinkedIn Page

Webinar recording

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